Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing: Color Stories

Orange Crush

Well it's no secret here at Dema, we LOVE color! And we're serving up collections of our favorite hues in the shop right now. It's pretty hard to pick just one of these pieces to mix into our wardrobe and with so many options you'll never need to. Stay tuned for more colors!

Orange Crush:
B.ella knee high socks $18
Rumba watch $45
Elite bubble umbrella $22
Roman&Ruby oil with orange peel $20
Co-Lab coin purse $13
Wendy Maves necklace $48

B.ella knee high socks $18
Co-Lab wallet $35
Sam Brown belt $83
Subtle Luxury mixed pattern scarf $53
Joli brooch $74

Distinkt scarf $85
Elite bubble umbrella $22
Happy Socks $12
ICU sunglasses $20

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